Apache 360 LT Track System


Product is available.

USD$ 4,649.99




Outlander 2012 with 800R or 1000 Engine
Outlander & Outlander MAX 2013-2014 (except those with 400 engine
Important: The DPS Module isn't compatible with Commander 2013 models.

  • Highest ground clearance on the market : 1 extra inch
  • Larger contact patch than the standard Apache 360 by 15 in² at the front and 41 in² at the back
  • Developed from the same technology that makes our Apache 360 ATV kit the best year-round track system
  • Able to the tackle the toughest year round conditions, this new system has two settings the user can choose to for a better attack angle or greater flotation
  • Heavy-duty components ensure reliablilty and the design offers excellent acceleration, turning, braking and side-hilling performance
  • Conversion from tires to track in only 20 minutes.