Alpine Flex Plow 60" (152 cm)


Product is available.

USD$ 369.99




Outlander L and Outlander L MAX, Outlander 6x6, Outlander and Outlander Max 2013 and up (except X xc and Outlander with 400 engine), Renegade 2013 and up, Renegade 2012 and up (with 800R or 1000 engine), Renegade 2013 and up (with 500 engine) (G2, G2L, G2S)

  • Clears 50" (127 cm) when plow is angled.
  • Ideal for clearing narrower areas, like sidewalks.
  • Plow made of flexible UHMWPE, which delivers the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made.
  • Enormous flex action prevents damaging your plow when accidental impact happens.
  • Impact absorption properties return plow to its original shape.
  • Rearward release action practically eliminates jolts from being transferred to the driver or unit.
  • Attaches and detaches effortlessly thanks to a fast and easy mounting system.
  • Blade-turning mechanism mounted high to eliminate having to bend down to change or adjust blade’s angle.
  • High pivot point keeps plow on pavement.
  • Compatible with all Alpine Flex Plow accessories to further enhance plow versatility.